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Hello, pottery peeps!

If you don’t already know about my workshop situation, I’ll give you a brief update. When I starting packing to move from Florida to Arizona. I thought I was only going to take a little time off to work on my book. But, due to things beyond my control…my workshop is closed until I can either fix my kiln or replace it.


My beloved Charlotte (my kiln) was damaged during the move, by the movers and they won’t pay for it. They told my husband to sue them. I won’t use them again!

I really hope that we can fix her!

So, since my workshop is closed, no kiln…no pottery!!! I’ll keep my pottery blog going with posts I didn’t get around to doing, posts from my old pottery blog, new designs from my sketchbook and whatever else I can think of. 

A couple of weeks ago I decided to re-size some of my photos…to Pinterest size. Now they look so much better on Pinterest.


I miss working with clay!

My hands are itching to dig into a bag of clay and make something new.

clay bagsFS80withtext

wedged clayFS80withtext

pottery tools and claywithtext

This wire is the original wire I purchased for my first pottery class in 1990. I purchased another one, but I still use my old one. These are some of my original tools from 1990 and holding my tools is a cup I made in 1991.

Hopefully, I’ll have the funds to re-open my workshop soon!

In the mean time, I’ll be working on my book…Raven Hill

You can find me here…

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!



I love my pottery sponges!

These are just a few of them, I have more. I need lots of sponges, because they do different jobs. The old-looking ones, on the right aren’t really that old, they just look that way because they wash off underglazes from bisqueware. It’s a rough job, and it does a number on my sponges, especially if it’s stoneware clay with grog. I have sponges for washing bisqueware before glazing (these have to be really clean sponges), sponges while I work (I usually have two large buckets of water on my workbench while I work, with several sponges in each), sponges for cleaning pottery tools, and sponges for cleaning bottoms of pieces I just glazed, so I can load my items in the kiln.


One day, I needed a really small sponge for a piece I was working on. None of my sponges were working. I thought about cutting up one of these, especially the old-looking ones on the right. But then I remembered something. I went into the bathroom, opened the top drawer and there they were in the back, where I had left them…make-up sponges. They were there for a long time…years I think. I never use make-up sponges when I put on make-up, I use my fingers. The only reason I even had them, was because my daughter wanted me to buy them, she uses them all the time.


The make-up sponges worked perfectly! It was exactly what I needed. But more importantly, they have become a regular pottery tool now in my workshop. They make the smoothest rims and edges I’ve ever seen, and you can cut them if you need a smaller piece. I absolutely love using make-up sponges!


They don’t last very long, especially if you’re using stoneware clay with grog. But who cares, they work great. I make sure I have plenty of make-up sponges on hand at all times.


If you like nice smooth rims and edges, or if you need a small sponge for a hard to get to spot…give them a try. I think you’ll love them too.

I get mine at Walmart

Hope you liked my tip of the day!