By the way, miracles can happen

January 15, 2018

Was a wonderful, exciting, and amazing day for me.

A day I will never forget…not ever! I’m still processing what transpired that day. I still can’t quite believe it. Sometimes I want to pinch myself, to make sure I’m not dreaming.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I had to write the most difficult post I’ve ever had to write on December 31, 2017. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.

Sometimes, it seems to take forever for things to happen and other times, things can change very quickly. So quickly, you think you’re dreaming. It can’t be real…can it?

I have good news

Raven Hill Pottery will be re-opening soon

I got my miracle! I’m so thankful and grateful!!!

I’m happy to say, that I have the money to purchase a new kiln, a vent hood, and start working on my workshop. I’m not sure how long my workshop will take? The electrician knows what we need, we’re just waiting on a price. I’ve picked out the kiln and the vent hood already. There’s a lot to do, and once my new workshop is finished, I have to unpack a ton of boxes, get organized and buy lots of clay and glazes.

It’s going to be so much fun setting up a new workshop!

By the way, miracles can happen.

I’m so happy, so thankful and so grateful

Never stop dreaming, because dreams do come true

While I wait for my husband and the electrician to work their magic on my workshop.

I’ll be working on my pottery designs and getting organized. Plotting my book series, is helping me plan my pottery designs and how I’m going to glaze them. I’m going to be so ready when my workshop is finished.

Here’s a little sneak peek

Handmade plates…I love these glaze combinations. Aren’t they pretty?

Handmade bottles

I have so many ideas

I can’t wait to get my hands dirty

I’m just a girl who likes to play in the mud. I love the way clay feels in my hands…the way it squishes through my fingers when I throw…and I even like the way it smells.

by Melinda Marie Alexander

I’m so happy!!!

2018 is going to be a very good year!!!



Glazing with Duncan Renaissance Glazes – Part One: Antique Celadon


Hello! Welcome to my new blog series on glazing tips.

I’m starting with Duncan Renaissance Glazes. I love these glazes! I stumbled across them a while ago, I don’t remember when exactly, and I don’t remember how I found them, but I’m so glad I did. They’re user-friendly, they brush on so easy. I like glazes that are easy to use and consistent, and this glaze is one of them.

These glazes vary, depending on the thickness you use, whether it has texture or not, and how much texture it has. The more texture, the better it looks. Where you place it in the kiln, makes a difference also. Pieces placed at or near the bottom of the kiln are greener, darker and react more with the texture. The pieces at or near the top of the kiln are lighter and don’t usually have a rustic look. I also think it depends on the brushes you use as well.


I use fan brushes for most of my pieces. I use a small brush for the rims, edges and for detail work. For small pieces like ornaments, I use a small fan brush or a small brush, when I run out of clean fan brushes.

As you can see from the photo above, my bird ornament is lighter than my birdie bowl. It has less texture then the birdie bowl, there are several areas on the ornament that have no texture at all, verses the birdie bowl which is completely covered with texture and it was placed at the top of my kiln.

Before I start glazing, I apply wax resist on the bottom of my ornaments, and then I go up the sides just a little, so the glaze doesn’t go all the way to the bottom. I apply three light coats on the top only, and two light coats on the sides. I don’t want any drips or any ornaments sticking to my shelves. When I fire my ornaments. I place them on kiln stilts to raise them up off the shelf.


I apply wax resist to the bottoms of my birdie bowls. Then brush on three coats of glaze on the top, and bottoms except for a small area where the wax resist is. I have several sizes of fan brushes and usually use one of the smaller ones. Then I use a regular small brush for the edges.


As you can see from this photo, the green bird ornaments all look-alike for the most part. The butterflies look darker…they have more texture, and they were placed toward the bottom of my kiln.


This photo shows you the difference between a textured surface verses a non-textured surface and kiln placement. The small bowl at the top of the photo was placed at the bottom or near the bottom  and has no texture. The leaf bowl was placed near the top of my kiln and has a little texture.

This is what the glaze looks like on my non-textured ruffle rim bowls. The bottoms were waxed with wax resist and then three coats were applied to the bottoms, inside and rims. They were placed near the bottom of my kiln.

This heart dish was glazed with three coats of glaze on the bottom and top, using a smaller fan brush, and three coats on the sides/edge with a small brush, after it was waxed, like the birdie bowls. This one looks like it was placed near or at the top of my kiln.

The green leaf magnets were glazed like my bird ornaments, three light coats on the top and two coats on the sides. They were fired toward the top of my kiln, see how light they are. The maple leaves were glazed with three coats and are usually placed in the middle of my kiln.

This is one of my handmade dinnerware collections called Lake House, formally known as Brooklawn Park. This glaze loves texture, it makes Lake House look fabulous!

Each piece is slightly different, and completely covered in texture.

I use a large fan brush on the plates and a medium size one for the bowls. They all have three coats of glaze on the bottom (except where I waxed with wax resist), and the top and I apply three coats on the rims with a small brush.

This is another one of my handmade dinnerware collections called Tropical Breeze. They’re glazed just like Lake House, three coats on all sides. But it looks different. The glaze pools in between the raised lines.

Vintage Cottage is another one of my handmade dinnerware collections. As you can see from the photo, the plates were fired near the bottom of the kiln and the bowl was fired near the top. The plates are more rustic looking. I love this glaze!

I hope this has been helpful.

I think part two will be – Vintage Blue

Thanks for stopping by, see you next time! 

Pottery Inspiration Boards


Oh, Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t posted since August.

There’s been so many things going on in my life, one of them was participating in #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) again this year and I won…Yay!

While I was in the middle of writing for #NaNoWriMo, I had an idea. Since I make Inspiration Boards and Mood Boards for my books, why not make Pottery Inspiration Boards. So, right after I finished NaNo, I started making them. I really needed a break from writing and my story needs to simmer for a while anyway.

It’s been so much fun making these


This is the first one I made.

I can’t even tell you how much I miss making pottery, but more about that later.


I can’t wait, until I can feel clay in hands again, feel it squish through my fingers when I throw, I even miss the way it smells.


I’m not sure If I’ll continue with this Dinnerware Collection? I haven’t decided yet. I do know that since moving to Arizona, my work is heading in a different direction.


Lake House is one of my designs that I will continue to make.


Backwater Bay is another design I will continue to make. It’s my favorite.

I have some big news coming soon!

I’ll tell you more about it, the next time I post.

Hopefully, it will work out the way I’m hoping it will.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you soon!


X marks the spot!


I’m participating in the…Blogging From A to Z April (2015) Challenge 

For at least a week, maybe more…I had absolutely no idea what to blog about, that started with the letter X. I don’t have any items that start with an X, I don’t even know of any pottery terms that start with an X. Maybe there is, and I just can’t think of it right now…I don’t know? Planning a blog post about the letter X…was difficult for me. But, then one day I had an idea!

“I’ll just sketch something!” It started out as a joke really. Sketch a bottle, and put an X on it and call it…X marks the spot. Then I’d have my X blog post.

Easy Peasy!

But, then something happened when I opened my sketchbook, and started to sketch. My hand, and my pencil had a mind of its own, and these bottles are the result! I have to say…that I like these so much, I want to make them!

What do you think?


Those bottles inspired me so much, a few days later I sketched these.

I love these…I’m making these too!


And then last night, I sketched some mugs.

I think I’ll make a whole line of dinnerware with this design. What do you think?

Thanks…Blogging From A to Z, without you…these designs would not exist!

Now…What should I call them?

Vintage Cottage Dinnerware


This is my Vintage Cottage Collection

It’s handmade…one piece at a time. Each piece is slightly different, making each one unique and different. I go into more detail in this post…


The top plate was glazed in…Deep Sienna Speckle by Potters Choice

Potters Choice Glaze Deep Sienna Speckle


This one was glazed in…Deep Olive Speckle by Potters Choice

Potters Choice Galze Deep Olive Speckle


This one was glazed in…Deep Firebrick by Potters Choice

Potters Choice Glaze Deep Firebrick


And these are the plates that were purchased for the Tropical Smoothie Cafes…photo shoot. You can read more about it here…

There’s so many other glazes…I want to try. I guess I’ll have to make lots of little plates and do some glaze testing.








These are some of my underglazes

and here’s what I do with them.


Dinnerware…underglazed bottoms




Ring Bowls











Heart Dishes 



Heart Ornaments



Going through these photos made me realize…I’ve been using a lot of purple, black and red lately. Time to use another color!

Tropical Breeze


When I first made these plates, I had no idea what to call them!

I even had a…name this dinnerware giveaway. The winning name was Plantation Breeze. I kept the name for a while, but it just wasn’t right! Then one day I received this email…

“I am a food photographer in Atlanta. I am needing the exact look that you create for a client of mine: Tropical Smoothie Cafes.
We are creating beauty food shots that will be in all of their restaurant decor.
We are doing a shoot this week and I am wondering if I gave you our FedEx number, if you could overnight some pieces for us.

Their ideal shapes are typically:
– plates: flat as possible and a 6.5-7″
– bowl 1.5-2″ rise and 7″ in diameter.

Let me know asap
I know you make things very close to these sizes, and beautifully.”


Parlee Chambers


Before I even saw the email, she went ahead and purchased 4 plates…two of these and two Vintage Cottage plates. Needless to say, I was excited! I called her right after I read the email, got all the information I needed, packed up the plates and my husband shipped them the next morning.


And that is how they became…

Tropical Breeze


I really like the name now!

I can’t wait to glaze them in different colors.


Do you think I should just glaze them in tropical colors?

Hmmm…I need to think about this.


And now they come in square plates and trays.

I took this photo right after I made these side plates and tray. The rims still need to be cleaned, and the bottoms need to be signed. I’m also planning on making platters with and without handles, bowls, cups and mugs. 


I think I’m going to make a set for myself. 



Work in progress!


I haven’t decided what to do with this design…yet!

When I started making these plates, I put the design on the bottom…because I wanted a smooth clean surface on the top of the plate, for food. But now, I think I might put the design on the top as well. People can choose which one they like better, or they can mix and match. For example…a dinner plate with the design on the bottom, side plate with the design on the top, and bread and butter plate with the design on the bottom, or the other way around. A dinner plate with the design on the top, side plate plain and bread and butter plate with the design on the top. I think that would be cute!


I’m not sure what colors I’ll glaze them in yet…either?

I’ll have to make a bunch of little plates and do some glaze testing to see how they come out, especially with the plates that have the design on the top. I’ll have to use a transparent glaze or at least a glaze that works well with texture.


I really like this design.

I’m not sure what to call it though? I was thinking about calling it Cobblestone, but I’m not sure? What do you think I should call them?



This glaze is called…Deep Olive Speckle


It’s another great glaze by Potters Choice. It’s easy to use, brushes on nicely and is very consistent. I haven’t had any problems with it…at all! And it’s fantastic with texture. You can see every single detail. I really like that!


It’s definitely a keeper!

PC 29 PC 41

A while ago, I purchased two bottles of PC -41 Vert Lustre…mainly because it looked like a really nice dark green. It’s another great glaze by Potters Choice. It brushes on really nice, and it fires well…but it’s really difficult to photograph because it’s so glossy. If you don’t need to take photos, then it’s great!

After working with clay for almost 25 years, I’m getting a little picky with my glazes. They have to brush on easy (if I’m not dipping), they have to be consistent, and they have to photograph well. That’s really important if you sell online. You need good photos. So, if a glaze doesn’t photograph well…it’s gone!

I wasn’t pleased with myself for purchasing two bottles, I usually only buy one bottle at a time when trying out a new glaze. So, I decided to layer it with another glaze and see how that would work out.

I choose to layer it with Deep Olive Speckle. 


Now, this is much better! I can photograph it…Yay!

The color is a little different from the test piece by Potters Choice, I kind of like this color better. It’s different because Potters Choice used 2 coats of Deep Olive Speckle and then 2 coats of Vert Lustre on top…four coats total. Four coats scare me, I think that’s a little too much glaze. I don’t want drips (I hate drips), and I don’t want the glaze to run onto my shelf. So, I used 2 coats of Deep Olive Speckle and 1 coat of Vert Lustre on top…three coats total. I like it! I think I’ll keep it. What do you think?

I think I’ll call this color…Pacific Pine


Here’s a close-up view


After trying it out on some leaves, I wanted to see how it reacted with texture. So, I tried it out on a couple of Birdie Bowls. You can see the texture through the glaze, but not as clearly as if it were just Deep Olive Speckle. That’s because Deep Olive Speckle is a translucent glaze and Vert Lustre isn’t. But, I like the way it looks. What do you think? 


Here’s the other Birdie Bowl. There’s still some glare from the glossy glaze though. I’ll have to do some extra photo editing the next time I use this glaze combination.

I think this color would be great around the holidays.

deep olive speckle2

Since that glaze combination went well, I think I’ll try these glaze combinations, and see what happens. My test pieces probably won’t look exactly like these, because I’m not using 4 coats. We’ll see what happens!

deep olive speckle

Hmmm…I have a lot of glaze testing to do!

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake2

Several months ago, I decided to create a new line of handmade dinnerware called “The Lake House Collection.” So far, there are 5 different designs, each with their own name.

Mirror Lake…which actually use to be called Brooklawn Park, is now part of The Lake House Collection. I think the swirling leaf design (reminiscent of reflected leaves in the swirling water) fits better in this collection.

mirror lake the lake house collection by melinda marie alexander from ravenhillpottery.etsy.comjpg


Echo Lake…will be dinnerware with no texture, in the same colors as Mirror Lake. I’m thinking about putting the swirling leaf design on the bottom of the plates, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes.

Mystic Lake…will be all about the glaze. I’ll be experimenting with glaze combinations and hopefully I’ll be able to make some magic!

Shadow Lake…will have some kind of leaf design, not sure yet though. It might be a little more moody and darker in color? I still have to figure this one out.

Sunset Lake…will be autumn colors, with and without texture.

The names I choose for the collection, are names of real lakes in Massachusetts, where I’m from. I thought it would be really nice to name them after real lakes.

I’m really looking forward to making this collection.

Check out…The Lake House on Pinterest!

What do you think of my new collection?