Glaze Combinations

PC glaze combinations3

Here’s some of the glaze combinations I’m wanting to try on my bottles and vases, especially the simple, clean line forms. However, I think these could look great on the pieces with the handles too. Here’s a look at the sketches from yesterday’s post, just in case you missed it.

#1 Seaweed over True Celadon is absolutely gorgeous

#2 Frosted Turquoise over True Celadon is wonderful

#3 Lustrous Jade over True Celadon is really nice

#4 Arctic Blue over True Celadon is nice

PC glaze combinations4

Oh, my goodness!

I feel like a kid in the candy store. I want to try every single one of these glaze combinations by Potters Choice. I can already see these glazes on my bottles and vases. And they would look great on dinnerware too. I love these! 

#1 Art Deco Green over True Celadon is absolutely gorgeous

#2 Umber Float over True Celadon is awesome

#3 Frosted Melon over True Celadon is so pretty

#4 Tourmaline over True Celadon is really nice

PC glaze combinations5

Oh, my word!

I am in love with #1, isn’t it gorgeous! I can definitely see that one on my bottles and vases. Oh, and dinnerware too! I think I’ll try that one first. I have to do more than one post on these glaze combinations, there’s so many gorgeous colors. Wait till you see the blues and browns.

#1 Frosted Turquoise over Dark Green is absolutely beautiful

#2 Light Sepia over Dark Green is awesome

#3 Smoked Sienna over Dark Green is really nice

#4 Tourmaline over Dark green is so pretty

PC glaze combinations

How about these glaze combinations? Wow!

#1 Lustrous Jade over Smokey Merlot is awesome

#2 Seaweed over Smokey Merlot is gorgeous

#3 Iron Lustre over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#4 Tourmaline over Smokey Merlot is so pretty

PC glaze combinations2

#1 Light Sepia over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#2 Deep Firebrick over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#3 Vert Lustre over Smokey Merlot is nice

#4 Toasted Sage over Smokey Merlot is so pretty

I’m really looking forward to trying these!

Which color combinations do you like?

From My Sktechbook


Here’s a little sneak peek inside my Sketchbooks!

I’ve been sketching, drawing and doodling since I was very young. Give me some pencils and paper, or crayons and coloring books and I was a very happy girl! I’d doodle on just about anything. My school work would sometimes have little flowers on it. My book covers would be covered in my drawings, doodles and big bubble letters. I couldn’t help it! If I had a pencil, pen, or better yet…a colored pencil in my hand, I would doodle and draw.


These sketches are about ten to twelve years old. I’m not sure I still like the one on the right? But I still like the one on the left!


These are so pretty. I love these shapes and I do love my sassy handles. A timeless design with a little modern flair.


I think these are my favorite, so far anyway! 

I love the round shapes and just a hint of sassiness in the handles.


I love ancient, old world pottery, and timeless designs. I love incorporating a timeless form with my own design and making it new and fresh. When I add my sassy handles, texture, text, or whatever else I decide at any given moment, and then add interesting glaze affects, it becomes new and fresh. I leave a little bit of me in and on every piece.  


I’ve actually never made these. But one day I will. I love these handles!


I sketched these about 6 months ago. I wanted something simple, with clean lines. Something that could go from modern to contemporary, to rustic (depending on the glazes I use) and even country. I think this design fits that goal. What do you think?  


I sketched a bunch of these about 6 months ago too. I had an idea about using inspirational text one this design, like dream, hope, wish, love etc. Each word with have a different design.

I’m really looking forward to making these!


Sunday, I sketched these. Clean simple lines again in different sizes. I can just see a group of these clustered together. I can’t wait!


I’m really liking these simple forms!

What do you think?


Earthen Vessels


I was going through my old photos, and stumbled across some photos of bottles and vases I made a long time ago. I forgot all about these! These photos are of bisque fired pieces (they hadn’t been glazed yet.) Now I really want to make some new ones! 

I love making sassy handles!


I love this handle!


I love the shape of this one, and the handle! I’m really looking forward to making more of these. I’m planning on experimenting with different glazes, and doing some glaze combinations to see what kind of effects I’ll be able to achieve. It should be interesting!


This one is still in it’s bisque form. I haven’t decided what glaze to use on it, or maybe I’m just too afraid to glaze it. I just don’t know what to do with it yet! I think I’ll make mini versions of this, and test some glazes out on the little ones first. I think that’s a good idea!


What colors do you think I should make the new ones in?

What are your favorite colors?