Star Bowls and Ornaments


These are some of my new star bowls. I’ve been experimenting with different textures. They’ve been bisque fired, but I haven’t glazed them yet. But now they’ll have to wait until I set up my new workshop.

star dishes melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These are the first star bowls I made. They came out really nice. The blue one was glazed in…Vintage Blue by Duncan and the other one was gazed in…Rustic Mustard by Duncan. I love these glazes. They work so well with texture.

star ornaments melinda marie alexander with textjpg

I love making star ornaments

star ornaments red melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These came out really cute. I make these in different sizes, even small ones for little tress. I think I’m going to make some for our tree.

star ornaments off white melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These off white stars are really cute too. Now I have to decide…if I want the red ones, or the off white ones for our tree. Maybe I’ll just have some of each, that sounds good.

I think we’re going to need a tree in every room!

These stars make great gift tags too.

What color star ornament would you like on your tree?