Zig Zag


I’m participating in the…Blogging From A to Z April (2015) Challenge

And this is the last post!

For at least a week, maybe more…I had absolutely no idea what to blog about, that started with the letter Z…just like my X marks the spot post.


So, I grabbed my sketchbook and started sketching. This is the first one I sketched. I’m not sure if I like these? I’ve decided, that I’m not really a fan of zig zag stripes…it’s kind of busy!


Second sketch

 I’m not sure if I like these either, but I do like the top of the bottles!


Third Sketch

Now, these I like! I think I’ll make these!


Last one…

I’m not sure if you can call this zig zag…but I really like these!

I’m definitely making these!

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Zig Zag

  1. Yea! We did it, congratulations! But it won’t be complete until I own some of your pottery you’ve been tempting me with all month! LOL I actually love the first and see the part in the Z being a bold color against a pale one, even white. Call it lightening strikes!


  2. I like number 3 best myself. I must insert, though, zig-zag is an outdated term- it’s “chevron.” LOL. (I am with you, they will forever be zig-zags to me.)


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