Tropical Breeze


When I first made these plates, I had no idea what to call them!

I even had a…name this dinnerware giveaway. The winning name was Plantation Breeze. I kept the name for a while, but it just wasn’t right! Then one day I received this email…

“I am a food photographer in Atlanta. I am needing the exact look that you create for a client of mine: Tropical Smoothie Cafes.
We are creating beauty food shots that will be in all of their restaurant decor.
We are doing a shoot this week and I am wondering if I gave you our FedEx number, if you could overnight some pieces for us.

Their ideal shapes are typically:
– plates: flat as possible and a 6.5-7″
– bowl 1.5-2″ rise and 7″ in diameter.

Let me know asap
I know you make things very close to these sizes, and beautifully.”


Parlee Chambers


Before I even saw the email, she went ahead and purchased 4 plates…two of these and two Vintage Cottage plates. Needless to say, I was excited! I called her right after I read the email, got all the information I needed, packed up the plates and my husband shipped them the next morning.


And that is how they became…

Tropical Breeze


I really like the name now!

I can’t wait to glaze them in different colors.


Do you think I should just glaze them in tropical colors?

Hmmm…I need to think about this.


And now they come in square plates and trays.

I took this photo right after I made these side plates and tray. The rims still need to be cleaned, and the bottoms need to be signed. I’m also planning on making platters with and without handles, bowls, cups and mugs. 


I think I’m going to make a set for myself. 

7 thoughts on “Tropical Breeze

  1. I really like the glazing on these. That tone green can be overly vibrant colour, but the mottled effect with the ridges running right through the pieces keep it beautifully fresh without overpowering. The same effect – just a hint of vibrancy – in other tropical tones would be great. I’m sure you’re going to have fun with the glazes!


    • The glaze is called antique celadon green. I forgot to mention that in the post. It’s a really nice color and a great glaze, it reacts differently with the amount of texture used and is totally different with no texture. Yes, I will have lots of fun glaze testing. Thanks Debs! 🙂


  2. Beautiful plates! I think they would look awesome in bright parrot colors, red, orange, yellow – would fit my tiki bar theme!! xoxo -


  3. your pottery is gorgeous! wonderful colors and i especially like the lace patterns! how cool! i felt like i was looking at a crate and barrel or pottery barn magazine (which i love!)
    happy a to z-ing!


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