Star Bowls and Ornaments


These are some of my new star bowls. I’ve been experimenting with different textures. They’ve been bisque fired, but I haven’t glazed them yet. But now they’ll have to wait until I set up my new workshop.

star dishes melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These are the first star bowls I made. They came out really nice. The blue one was glazed in…Vintage Blue by Duncan and the other one was gazed in…Rustic Mustard by Duncan. I love these glazes. They work so well with texture.

star ornaments melinda marie alexander with textjpg

I love making star ornaments

star ornaments red melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These came out really cute. I make these in different sizes, even small ones for little tress. I think I’m going to make some for our tree.

star ornaments off white melinda marie alexander with textjpg

These off white stars are really cute too. Now I have to decide…if I want the red ones, or the off white ones for our tree. Maybe I’ll just have some of each, that sounds good.

I think we’re going to need a tree in every room!

These stars make great gift tags too.

What color star ornament would you like on your tree?



6 thoughts on “Star Bowls and Ornaments

    • Hahaha…that’s music to my ears! I get so excited when I get a sale, and it’s not about the money. If you add up all the time and work I put into every piece…I work for peanuts. But that’s okay…I love it! I love it when my pottery ends up in someone else’s home. To know that someone actually loves my pottery enough to spend their hard earned money on it…is amazing! And with Etsy, my pottery is going all over the world. That’s exciting! Thanks Lauren! 🙂

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