Work in progress!


I haven’t decided what to do with this design…yet!

When I started making these plates, I put the design on the bottom…because I wanted a smooth clean surface on the top of the plate, for food. But now, I think I might put the design on the top as well. People can choose which one they like better, or they can mix and match. For example…a dinner plate with the design on the bottom, side plate with the design on the top, and bread and butter plate with the design on the bottom, or the other way around. A dinner plate with the design on the top, side plate plain and bread and butter plate with the design on the top. I think that would be cute!


I’m not sure what colors I’ll glaze them in yet…either?

I’ll have to make a bunch of little plates and do some glaze testing to see how they come out, especially with the plates that have the design on the top. I’ll have to use a transparent glaze or at least a glaze that works well with texture.


I really like this design.

I’m not sure what to call it though? I was thinking about calling it Cobblestone, but I’m not sure? What do you think I should call them?

6 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. The design is very pretty. I like it too! I’m terrible with naming things though, cobblestone is nice or checkerboard? -http://50andfabulousblog.blogspot.com


    • Thank you! Congratulations to you too! Yeah, thank goodness. This has been more challenging for me then NaNoWriMo. I’m really looking forward to getting back to my book. I need to do more editing and finish it.


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