Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake2

Several months ago, I decided to create a new line of handmade dinnerware called “The Lake House Collection.” So far, there are 5 different designs, each with their own name.

Mirror Lake…which actually use to be called Brooklawn Park, is now part of The Lake House Collection. I think the swirling leaf design (reminiscent of reflected leaves in the swirling water) fits better in this collection.

mirror lake the lake house collection by melinda marie alexander from ravenhillpottery.etsy.comjpg


Echo Lake…will be dinnerware with no texture, in the same colors as Mirror Lake. I’m thinking about putting the swirling leaf design on the bottom of the plates, but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes.

Mystic Lake…will be all about the glaze. I’ll be experimenting with glaze combinations and hopefully I’ll be able to make some magic!

Shadow Lake…will have some kind of leaf design, not sure yet though. It might be a little more moody and darker in color? I still have to figure this one out.

Sunset Lake…will be autumn colors, with and without texture.

The names I choose for the collection, are names of real lakes in Massachusetts, where I’m from. I thought it would be really nice to name them after real lakes.

I’m really looking forward to making this collection.

Check out…The Lake House on Pinterest!

What do you think of my new collection?  


2 thoughts on “Mirror Lake

  1. I love the lake designs! I can tell I’m going to have to start saving my money. The very name “Mystic Lake” appeals to me, I can hardly wait to see the magic! My daughter and her family live on a lake here in NC, and I just love it! Will check your pinterest site out!


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