Glaze Combinations

PC glaze combinations3

Here’s some of the glaze combinations I’m wanting to try on my bottles and vases, especially the simple, clean line forms. However, I think these could look great on the pieces with the handles too. Here’s a look at the sketches from yesterday’s post, just in case you missed it.

#1 Seaweed over True Celadon is absolutely gorgeous

#2 Frosted Turquoise over True Celadon is wonderful

#3 Lustrous Jade over True Celadon is really nice

#4 Arctic Blue over True Celadon is nice

PC glaze combinations4

Oh, my goodness!

I feel like a kid in the candy store. I want to try every single one of these glaze combinations by Potters Choice. I can already see these glazes on my bottles and vases. And they would look great on dinnerware too. I love these! 

#1 Art Deco Green over True Celadon is absolutely gorgeous

#2 Umber Float over True Celadon is awesome

#3 Frosted Melon over True Celadon is so pretty

#4 Tourmaline over True Celadon is really nice

PC glaze combinations5

Oh, my word!

I am in love with #1, isn’t it gorgeous! I can definitely see that one on my bottles and vases. Oh, and dinnerware too! I think I’ll try that one first. I have to do more than one post on these glaze combinations, there’s so many gorgeous colors. Wait till you see the blues and browns.

#1 Frosted Turquoise over Dark Green is absolutely beautiful

#2 Light Sepia over Dark Green is awesome

#3 Smoked Sienna over Dark Green is really nice

#4 Tourmaline over Dark green is so pretty

PC glaze combinations

How about these glaze combinations? Wow!

#1 Lustrous Jade over Smokey Merlot is awesome

#2 Seaweed over Smokey Merlot is gorgeous

#3 Iron Lustre over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#4 Tourmaline over Smokey Merlot is so pretty

PC glaze combinations2

#1 Light Sepia over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#2 Deep Firebrick over Smokey Merlot is really nice

#3 Vert Lustre over Smokey Merlot is nice

#4 Toasted Sage over Smokey Merlot is so pretty

I’m really looking forward to trying these!

Which color combinations do you like?

5 thoughts on “Glaze Combinations

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  2. These are sooooo helpful….. I get so confused and scared, but I’ll follow yr suggesions. Thank you. Could you tell me if these would work on white Earthenware.


    • Thank you! I’m so glad. That happened to me when I first started. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will feel. These glazes will not work on Earthenware. Earthenware fires to a different temperature. Look for glazes specifically for Earthenware only. The glazes I use are mid-range glazes – cone 5 – cone 6.


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