Brooklawn Park

Brooklawn Park swings 2FSboost10 photo cornersjpg

This used to be my playground
This used to be my childhood dream
This used to be the place I ran to…by Madonna

Brooklawn Park swings 3FSphoto cornersjpg

Brooklawn Parkblack and whiteboost50photo cornersjpg

Brooklawn Park was my playground. Our house was one street over, up on a hill. I could see it from my backyard, and from the kitchen and dining room window.

Pictures-18photo cornersjpg

There it is, on the top left of this photo.

I played there all the time. Swinging on the very same swings from the photos above. In the winter I would ice skate on the pond with my Dad. In the summer I’d lay on the grass and watch the fireworks every 4th of July. The park was the center of my world, between my house and my grandparents house.

Brooklawn Park 3boost41photo cornersjpg

When I was in Junior High School, I’d take a short cut through the park to get to school, and then do the same thing to get home. Since Brooklawn Park was a huge part of my life, I’m paying homage to it with this dinnerware collection…called Brooklawn Park. Every time I look at it…it brings back memories.


The leafy design reminds me of when I’d look up at the trees while swinging as high as I could. I wanted to touch the sky.


My dinnerware begins with a bag of B-mix clay (a combination of stoneware and porcelain), I really love the smoothness of this clay. It’s wonderful to work with. After rolling it out on my slab roller, I add the texture.


Each plate is made one at a time, so the design is slightly different from plate to plate. It all depends on where I cut the clay pieces from the slab to make each plate…making each one unique, and different. They come in the traditional round plate and now in square.


Here’s one plate. I love this design!


And here’s another one.


They’ll come in several colors, have to do some glaze testing first. But this green is available now. Feel free to leave a comment. I love hearing from people! Thanks for stopping by!

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